Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tonight: Rusty Curtains // Of Kings and Sirens // Lord Jeff // Odds Of Eden // Shangri Lips

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It's Saturday night. What would you want on a Saturday night?? Rock and Roll?? Partying?? Fun?? Cool people to be around?? Well then!! Looks like we have the ticket for you, right here! Because tonight will go like something like this:

Rock and Roll!



Cool people to be around!!!

Party music provided by:

Shangri Lips (9:00) -one chord blues, three chord rock, wet with reverb, big muff, hip shake

Lord Jeff (9:50) -psychedelic soul, rock

Of Kings and Sirens (10:45) -downtempo, rock, experimental, ambient

Rusty Curtains (11:45) - a mix of Rock-n-Roll, Honkytonk, and Punk, with tons of momentum, and a sense of humor

Odds Of Eden (12:40) -energetic and engaging alternative rock

21+ / 8:30 (doors) / $5.oo

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