Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tonight: Veil // Worms // Olde Pine // The Orient

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Tonight....we start earlish, like 7. The music is f*cking awesome and consists of two bands on tour from NH, Veil and Olde Pine. They're joined by Worms, and The Orient. Come out early for this awesome show. Do it.

Veil (NH)- - Instrumental, spacey prog destruction with a side of destruction:

Olde Pine (NH) - 2 Dudes whipping the dank out of a tight two piece:

Worms (CT) - Insane beefed up dark rock with lots of shredding and pain:

The Orient (MA) - - Jap and weird Dane make beautiful rap genius in front of your faces.

21+ / 7pm / $5.00

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