Monday, May 6, 2013

Tonight: Vaporizer (VT) // Krakatoa // Atlatl (VT) // Halfhearted Comeback

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Well now....what a weekend of fun, partying, music ---and of course, the gorgeous weather! (again, get used to some mentions of the weather every now and then in this here blog!)....that said, Monday HAS to be a relative let down, right?? Nope!! See, we know how to do things over here, and since it's Monday and you may be feeling gloomy, we've got an insane doom/hardcore-metal lineup of bands in the house tonight to give you the pick-me-up you so desire!! ...cheers!

Vaporizer (VT) -

Krakatoa -

Atlatl (VT) -

Halfhearted Comeback -

21+ // $5 bux // 9pm

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