Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tonight: Crapwitch // The Crawdaddies // The Gritty Truth // Aaron Kaplan // Aaron Laroche // Ezra Prior // Nick Caron

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Hey -- O !! Tonight, we have an entertainment extravaganza with music, comedy, cool-ness, Cinco De mayo-inspired drinks (and other, really good drinks too), and of course, FUN.....Crapwitch is doing what-seems-to-be their annual Cinco De mayo attack on our stage....The Crawdaddies & The Gritty Truth are in the house to assist with the musical assault (it's a good and fun assault --don't worry)....AAAND. We have some super-funny gentlemen in the house to make you laugh (they're comedians dammit!)...Aaron Kaplan, Nick Caron, Aaron Laroche and Ezra Prior!!!!! (that sentence deserved five exclamation points!)

Crapwitch - Folks, this is only to be enjoyed live --with booze. :)

The Crawdaddies - Roots Rock / Cajun / Zydeco / Blues / Funk / Ska

The Gritty Truth - Once again, a "live only spectacle" --darnit! Get here and witness

Aaron Kaplan - This gent is funny as hell

Nick Caron - He's Hilarious!

Aaron Laroche - An F-in funny dude!

Ezra Prior - Funny...funny...witty, and a cool name.

This entertainment extravaganza is only $5.00 / 9pm / 21+

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