Friday, April 5, 2013

Tonight: Dr. Sketchy's // Electric Avenue (all vinyl, all 80's Dance Party)

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First-Friday is here! ...this means ULTRA-FUN is also here. You know it.

Dr. Sketchy's:

"It's been requested, and we were only too happy to oblige- our next event features two male models as we just completely ruin the good name of the most sacred of male bonding rituals- bear hunting! Boylesque figure drawing, contests, getting unnecessarily drunk, and so much more!

Highlights include:

-Two male models, on stage! But which of them is the hunter, and who is the hunted?
-TRICK QUESTION! The hunter is YOU, on the prowl for making amazing art, or just brushing up on your skills!
-Imbibe in beer or other drinks for maximum hunting experience!
-Complimentary orange vests for safety! (while supplies last) (nevermind, we're out)
-Head-scratchingly difficult contests! You can do it! We believe in you! And you can win...
-Prizes from Babytattoo,, Oh My! Sensuality Shop, FOE, Retrogenie, and more!
-Music and MCing from your humble host, Clyde Dale!
-Stage design and further MCing from your other, humbler hostess, Mistress Fleshette!

Everyone knows it's safer to hunt bears when it's dark --models take the stage at 7:30!"

21 Plus for booze, and there's a $7 cover due to the cost of hunting licenses.

There will be dancing afterwards.

And Speaking of the dancing, ...the sounds are provided the lovely DJ's of Purity Supreme!!! This is their event called: ELECTRIC AVENUE!'s a few words from the illustrious hosts:

"Purity Supreme's strictly 80's dance night, duh!
First Friday of every month
Wild video projections all night
It's the most fun ever
21+ $1 cover
Immediately following Dr. Sketchy's"

Ok folks, there's the lineup....we're sure you can understand why we LOVE first Fridays so much. See ya!!

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