Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tonight: Dicks Supreme (members of the Supreme Dicks) // Sore Eros // Spectre Folk // Loudville

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Hi there.....Sweet, sweet show tonight.....damn.

A Last minute surprise... certain members of the Supreme Dicks are back in the Noho area, and they've been swayed by many fans to make an appearance and play a set. It's still uncertain which members will be performing, but there will some form of lineup this evening!

Three other amazing bands will also be throwing down some sweet psyched out shit:

Spectre Folk -- blissful//jangly//folky awesomeness from Pete Nolan.

Sore Eros -- These guys totally rip off the Supreme Dicks.

Loudville -- New project consisting of Franklin Country wierdo-allstars (members of Egg Eggs, Flaming Dragons...etc.)

Show starts @ 9pm ish / $6 / 21+

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