Friday, February 15, 2013

Tonight (9:45-1:30): Easthampton Savings Band // Paper Hill Casket Company // Original Cowards // Shangri Lips // Bark Juice

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Well, we sure have got us a humdinger of a music show tonight ladies and gentlemen!! Five seriously talented bands coming in to delight your senses on a Friday night! Simple enough: great music, fun times, cold drinks, warm / sultry atmosphere, and partying with your friends. It's a sure-shot for a good time! See ya...

Easthampton Savings Band - Eerie, melodic, groovy rock...a great band; the stuff of your fantasies.

Paper Hill Casket Company is an americana band from New Haven, Connecticut. The members of the six-piece group represent diverse musical backgrounds - including rock, bluegrass, and classical - and the band combines aspects of these genres into a unique sound that is sometimes melodic and lilting, sometimes driving and raucous. They're energetic and danceable live.

Shangri Lips - Heavenly dirt. In the vein of The Shangri Las, Nancy Sinatra, Bo Didley, Velvet Underground...wooo hoo!

The Original Cowards - Rock and some roll, soul, blues, punk from a distance, testifying.

Bark Juice - Bark Juice is band. They play music. and other stuff. They like to rock hard and sing soft.

21+ // 9:30pm // $5.00

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