Friday, February 15, 2013

Tonight (7-9:30): Zack Livingston Presents, Mass Laughs, The Comedy Buffet! One year anniversary show!

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Hey there.... Tonight, ye shall eat, drink and be merry! Well, actually, on third Fridays for already a year now Zack Livingston's Mass Laughs, The Comedy Buffet, has been making people eat, drink and be merry. Many many people.... And we're psyched to have this show here! We're looking forward to many more laughs with them.....So, without further ado, tonight's comedians:

Mike Shustock

Eric Barakat

Jerry Morgan

Ian Devine

Matt Woodland

And as always, these funny evenings are served up by Mr. Zack Livingston himself!

21+ // 7pm // $8

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