Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tonight: Hot Dirt // Mass Air Flow // Leaders Led // Brotherhood of Thieves

 photo hotdirt01_zps9a54333d.jpg

Hi folks! Stop in tonight to party. Why?? Well, there are four highly-talented/entertaining bands here to perform for you while you dance, rock, drink, relax, dance, drink, relax, rock, dance....etc, you get the picture. If you require "proof" that these bands can bring the musical-merriment, just click the links below and you shall be on the path to enlightenment!! Cheers!

Brotherhood Of Thieves (9:30pm-10:20pm)

Leaders Led (10:30pm-11:20pm)

Mass Air Flow (11:30pm-12:20pm)

Hot Dirt (12:30am-1:30am)

21+ // 9pm // $5.00

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