Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tonight: Nightmare Air // Problem With Dragons // Oxen // Dead Empires

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Let me come right at you here:

The bands tonight will slay you with rock.

Now, you do have to have a pallet for heavy stoner-sludge-epic-prog-doom-massive-rock to get properly slayed(and if you don't have a pallet for that then...."sorry"). But seriously, we do so we're psyched!! Click the links below to hear the bands, (really, do it. Get active, be involved...get off those sidelines of life...oh wait, ...went into a bit of motivational speaking there for a second...ok...back to the music!) --and take our word for this: they will rock you 1000 times harder live! So get here tonight and do it right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NIGHTMARE AIR | "...meticulously layer boy-girl harmonies, psych noise loops, fuzz-ripped bass, and glam soaked walls of guitars..."

DEAD EMPIRES | "...The band likes to combine a wide range of influences to produce a sound that sways from epic, ethereal soundscapes to heavy post-rock riffs, rounded out with good old fashioned sludgy heaviness..."

OXEN | "...Oxen is a heavy transcendent rock band...with a vision to create heavy riffed accessible music..."

PROBLEM WITH DRAGONS | "...The guitars are riffy, fuzzy and played like actual battleaxes with actual blades on them; the vocals are almost Gregorian in their chant-like drones, the bass is sludgy and deliberate..."

21+ // 9pm // $5.oo

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