Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tonight (6:30-9pm): Mass Laughs Comedy Show, Two Year Anniversary!!

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One day, a couple years ago...Zack Livingston approached me with the idea of having a regular comedy show here each month. Two years later, Zack and his fellow comedians have made a ton of people laugh and enjoy themselves here! And we've been thrilled to host them! Hats off to Zack and all the comedians who have accomplished this! Now, tonight is their two year anniversary of Mass Laughs @ The Elevens, and.....We tend to think it will be f*cking hilarious! So come enjoy it!

From Zack:

"Join us on Saturday, February 22nd to watch our latest installment of the Mass Laughs Comedy standup comedy shows. Just so you know, this may be your last chance to see our monthly show for some time, so stop by! This month's bill features some of my favorite comedians in the Northeast, including Simon Thompsn, Ezra Prior, Brian Plumb, Jere Pilapil, Matthew Walley, and your headliner for the evening Daniel Kalwhite. Oh, and don't forget your host Zack Livingston. The show will start at 7:30 PM."

Come on down!

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