Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tonight: Paint // The Fleeting Ends // Boom & The Soundshakers

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Hello there.....we have a humdinger of a sweet show for you tonight!!! and a really quick side note, hasn't the weather been simply AWESOME lately?? Alright then....without further ado, check out these music-making-maestros listed below! See ya tonight!!

PAINT (9:45-10:30) -a 4 piece indie soul band blending a mix of funk, rock and a touch of reggae, from Amherst.

THE FLEETING ENDS (10:45-11:30) -Philly-based rock band with a knack for catchy and unique songwriting. With influences spanning from XTC and the Cars to the Pixies and Blur, The Fleeting Ends exploit its roots while still putting its own touch on the catalogue of music that they continue to build. With performances at SXSW, Folk Fest, the Kimmel Center, and NBC 10’s 10! Show, The Fleeting Ends are only getting started!

BOOM & THE SOUNDSHAKERS (11:45-1:00) -Some covers, more originals, some rock, some funk, --ALL fun! From Western Mass!

21+ / 9pm / $5.oo

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