Monday, April 22, 2013

Tonight: O'Death // Bella's Bartok // Pale Cowboy // The Dire Honeys

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Sometimes you just have to get out on a Monday night to be part of a great thing. Like tonight. Just get here'll be sorry if you don't. Cheers!

O'Death (Brooklyn)- Originally formed in 2003 while the members attended SUNY Purchase, the band— with Jamie on guitar and vocals, Gabe Darling on banjo, David Rogers-Berry on drums, Jesse Newman on bass, and Bob Pycior on fiddle—played a series of shows at the now defunct Apocalypse Lounge in NYC, and quickly began building a fanbase with their reverently twisted take on Americana filtered through a wealth of musical influences as divergent as Bill Monroe, Prince, Neil Young, The Microphones, and The Misfits.

Bella's Bartok - started out as a party and became a band. Varied percussion, bright pianos, scratchy guitars, scattered horn sections, and group harmonies give their dancy tunes a distinct bohemian vibe, and their raw sound gives them something of a punk edge. Seven piece, multi-instrumentalist groove-making extra-ordinaires from Northampton, MA.

Pale Cowboy - a five-person indie rock band from Northampton, MA. Rooted in early rock 'n' roll and country western, they combine evocative melodies and rich harmonies while exploring new possibilities within popular song. Pale Cowboy's modern approach to Americana and classic pop styles refreshes the brightest parts of the past with an edge and playfulness unique to the present.

The Dire Honeys - are a trio dedicated to bringing Americana Roots back to the airwaves with their own sweet and salty twist; Fiddle/mandolin/Tenor banjo/flute/ rhythm guitar 'n clear wholesome harmonies make this band a gem to see.

If you're shaking your head in disbelief over how awesome this lineup is, we understand completely. Come partake in the wonderfulness --TONIGHT!!

21+ / 9pm / $10

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