Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tonight: Magik Markers // Da Burdz // Jake Meginski // Zac Davis

 photo f5f44252-e623-40b7-9282-2be37ef247f7_zps04e9a71d.jpg, tonight will. rule. Yep....we're just absolutely killing it with the whole nasty-bands-tearing-the-stage-up thing this week. It continues in big, sweet, noise fashion tonight. Please, take a moment and inform yourself further below.....then get yer butt in here to party!!

MAGIK MARKERS --It's been a while since this great noise band has played the Noho area, and we are certainly lucky to be having them at the elevens, TONIGHT!

JAKE MEGINSKY--Percussive Prince of the Valley. Collaborated with some of the greatest noise players of our time. Nod your head with your brain full of lead.

DA BURDZ--Allstar lineup of Boston psyched out improv homies, making their first appearance in the W.Mass area (Members of Sun Burned / Apollo Sunshine/ Doomstar)..

ZAC DAVIS--Solo guitar improvisation from NYC. (wuz member of Lambsbread/sky juice//Party GIrls!) It's been a while since this dog has made an appearance in the valley. I'm going to let him use my amp, he's totally going to blow it out!

21+ // 9pm

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