Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tonight: Gone By Daylight // Flagship Romance // Make The Rules // Halfway To Avalon // Man On Earth

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Hi....The rock just.... DOES. NOT. STOP. over here!! because ...our homies, Gone By Daylight, just busted out a national tour with Man on Earth and Flagship Romance, and now they're home. AND,....they're putting on another sick rock show to celebrate their return to Western MA!!! TONIGHT! Check the band lineup below, it's real dope legit bad-ass:

Gone By Daylight -

Make The Rules -

Flagship Romance -

Halfway To Avalon -

Man On Earth -

If you too a sensible approach and clicked on the band links, and listened to their music, you've discovered that they rock hard and steady. Get your ass in here tonight so they can rock your face off...LIVE!!!

18+ / 7pm / $5.00

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