Friday, April 19, 2013

Tonight (9:30-Close): Crowrider // M.O.T.O // Alottle

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Yes indeed....the ROCK shall flow forth like molten lava tonight!! Or something to that effect....we DO have three awesome rock bands in the house tonight. They DO all rock quite hard....and you DO really need to get rocked, hard....right? Well yeah...blah blah blah...don't take our word for it, do yourself a favor and take a few moments to listen to a song or two from each band. Then, go ahead and get excited, because you can come here tonight and party with these bands as they tear the sh*t outta the stage, for YOU!! cheers..

M.O.T.O - Proto-Lo-Fi Caveman Pop - Homemade Rock 'n' Roll -

Crowrider - BBQ Metal -

Alottle - Post Folk Metal, And/Or, Neo-post-pre rock -

21+ / 9:30pm / $5.00

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