Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tonight: Ping Pong // Free Pool // Hangout

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Hi. Many good folks have been enjoying the relaxed, yet playfully-competitive Sunday nights going on here in the recent weeks. Yeah...we bust out the ping pong table, put some music on over the PA, transform the pool from "pay" to "FREE" can even order a delicious meal right from the bar! On and on and on with the good times....but there's a problem, Robert --the bartender and co-creator of Ping Pong Sundays-- (also known as "The Otter"), has yet to be defeated on this illustrious table. This is a call to the nasty ping pong player out there: Bring your skills. Defeat The Otter. ...He'll buy you a beer. ..His ping-pong ego will return to normal proportions. That is all....come hang out tonight!!

21+ // FREE // 5:30-ish

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