Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tonight: Futurepunk // Walking Ghosts // Opel // Dust Witch

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Tonight, well....the music shall flow like fine wine.....or cheap wine?? Regardless, it's gonna be a super-night of music!!!! The witty and talented hunks that have scorched stages across Massachusetts in the recent past under the moniker of 'Futurepunk', have decided to reunite to remind all us music lovers just how much power can be delivered in a 1:17 song! (I hear there may even be a three minute number tonight?? .....dare to dream.) Futurepunk is awesome, and fun...enjoy.

But wait! There's more. If you are one of the first 25 people to read this blog you shall also get Dust Witch, Opel and Walking Ghosts to add to your musical bliss tonight!!! ...well, okay....these great bands will all be rocking our stage tonight anyway. You don't need to be one of the first 25 readers, just kidding! Get yer ass here tonight because you'll be pissed at yourself if you don't!!! See ya!

Futurepunk - Rock, punk, post-bowling...You'll need to be here tonight to hear them. FAR too advanced for any online musical samples.

Walking Ghosts - Rock n Roll / Occult / Mutant Blues / Great hair

Dust Witch - New school, old school prog-rock from Western-Massachusetts

Opel - Vaguely Folkish Alterna-Rock. Rocking stages once again!!

21+ // 9:30pm // $5.00

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