Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tonight: Synth Party!!!

 photo synthparty_zpse7bf53fa.jpg

Synth-Party is about as much fun you can have with your clothes still on....and you can even take most of your clothes off, if you want! ...see, musicians arrive and sign up --like an open mic-- some of them collaborate on the fly, others may have some epic synth jams already worked out.....still others just want to make wonderful noise for a set. It's all up to you....just leave your crappy guitar at home, show up armed with synth-power, ...and then blow everyone away with your enchanted synth-creations!!! Yep.....and, people caught not having fun will be unceremoniously escorted out of the venue in the most indignant manner we can muster (no, ...not really....just trying to sound tough)

21+ // 9pm // FREE