Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tonight: "That Could Have Been Your Face M#th@r F*ck#r!!" Happy 70th. Michael Nesmith!


Quite a treat for you tonight folks, as Brian Marchese presents: "That Could Have Been Your Face M%th@r F@ck#r!", a tribute to Michael Nesmith and his music.

The quote from the event title comes from the famous incident when Nesmith, fed up with Don Kirshner's unchecked control over The Monkees' musical output, punched a hole in the wall at a meeting and stormed off on his motorcycle. Weeks later, Kirshner was out of a job and The Monkees were recording as a real band.

A multi-artist tribute to one of the most creative, interesting and underrated singer-songwriters of the last few decades. For three years he was the standoffish Monkee with the wool hat and sideburns, who fought for creative control and got it--quality went up, record sales went down. His blending of pop, psychedelia and country was unappreciated at the time, but has since proven to be groundbreaking. Between 1970-75, he released SEVEN solo albums that were more appreciated in Europe than in his home country. A couple years after that, he had the idea for what would become MTV. He also produced Repo Man. This past autumn he toured as a solo act for the first time since 1992, and toured with the Monkees in the US for the first time since 1969. Let's honor the guy on his 70th birthday! (and what would have been Davy Jones' 67th...but we'll only be playing songs Nesmith wrote...)

Lord Russ
Philip Price
Ray Mason
Lesa Bezo
Brian Marchese
Jason Bourgeois
Stephen Desaulniers
Henning Ohlenbusch
Ken Maiuri
Josh Sitron
Matt Silberstein
Eric Cunha
Rick Murnane
Jonathan Caws Elwit
Jeff Steblea
Bruce Mandaro
Ryan Quinn
Tony Westcott

and more!

7pm // $5.00 // 21+

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