Friday, December 7, 2012

Tonight: Dr. Sketchy's // Electric Avenue


So, you probably already know and/or have been to a Dr. Sketchy's event before? If not, read about what makes them so awesome just below... (hint: you get to sketch YOUR versions of scantily-clad models who are posing within a theme concept for the evening....and you're with friends, in a warm and inviting atmosphere, with a drink or two...your creative side spreads it wings and flies!!...woooo hoooo!)

Here's information about tonight's event/theme:

Starts @ 7. Is $7.oo to get in. Is totally worth every penny!

After your creative juices flow onto the sketch pad for awhile, and by this point you may have had some drinks flowing down your throat as well, the club transforms seamlessly into a sultry, buzzing dance party....some people casually chatting, others shooting pool, many others shredding the dance's such a good time. For real, Purity Supreme's Electric Avenue is one of the most well-known and blazingly fun party times of the month around here. Here's why:

-Strictly 80s party
-Strictly vinyl
-Strictly awesome Electric Avenue!
-Video projections all night from the archives of the Media Mansion.
-Neon dreams and dance-floor maniacs!

21+ $1 cover

Directly following Dr. Sketchy's

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