Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tonight: Spectre Folk // Sore Eros // Images // The Heavy Sweater Band // Eric Gaffney (performing as the Chicopee Family Moose Band)


Oh gosh! Sick show tonight! Get yer ass over here to enjoy it.

SPECTRE FOLK - Woodsist Records, Members of Magic Markers .A MUST SEE!! Rumor has it -other members of the band are/were members of Sonic Youth and Pavement!??

SORE EROS- Kind of Creepy sounding, Kind of Pretty Sounding, not quite pop.

IMAGES- Awesome Reverb-y goodness from Brooklyn, NY

HEAVY SWEATER BAND - Pioneer Valley's finest LO FI POP DUO. You know the tall skinny guy that's at every show? He's in this band, so return the favor, show your support!

And for a last minute treat...we get the incorrigible Eric Gaffney (of Sebadoh) opening the show with an acoustic set, performing as the Chicopee Family Moose Band.

(Angelfire site represent!)

8:00pm // 21+ // $5.oo

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  1. Hey... True about the SF band... but tonight it's just a solo gig by local yocal... Pete Nolan... Which will still be good.. but not in a lollapalooza way... more in a valley tangents kind of way...Images and Sore Eros rule hard too.. and I'm stoked to see the Sweater band