Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tonight: "Lady Legs", Art by Andrea Newland. Also featuring: Dj Alex Krofta // Rebirth // V Haddad // Sharon Lang // Aaron LaRoche // Nick Caron // Sharkee Katz // Carlos Garcia // TIm McKeever // Marty Caproni


Hello! Thanks for visiting...(and yes we're aware that the date on the flyer reads "October 2nd", darnit! We assure you it's TODAY, October 3rd)

As you may know, we have been featuring wonderful art from local artists in our fine establishment. We hang it nicely so that TONS of people get to see it each month or so, and we get to gaze upon it night after night....A symbiotic relationship is formed.

That said, here's the new art for October: "Lady Legs",

An extravaganza of paintings by Andrea Newland, and hour of comedy by local comics and music to dance to!

Mix tape funk Dj Alex Krofta will start the night, groovy.

Comedy starts at 10pm. Comics will include Aaron LaRoche, Nick Caron, Sharkee Katz, Carlos Garcia, Tim McKeever and Marty Caproni.

Musical guitar and vocal stylings by V Haddad and Sharon Lang.

Closing out the night will be the band Rebirth! Funky fantastic with bass, conga drums, guitar and uke!

$3 cover. Light snacks served. Klondike bars. /// 21+ /// 8pm

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