Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tonight: True Believers // Sun Trigger // Local Gyro // Samuel Jackson // Veil // She's The Boss (Dance Party)


Hello music lover.

Sometimes, well-known and talented musicians from all levels of notariety and fame get together and make music, independent of their main bands and/or projects. Oftentimes the results of these musicians coming together is really good music. Sometimes these groups come to be known as: SUPER GROUPS. And sometimes, the music these conglomerations create has a fresh, awesome feel to it due to the melding of talent in new environments. Sometimes a lover of music wants to hear music that is fresh and fun, while still being awesome.

Sometimes, the words "sometimes" and "super" are used far too much in a blog post....

Anyway, Sometimes a show with MULTIPLE "Super Groups" happens at a nightclub in tonight!!!

Local Gyro - A super group consisting of two original Lord Jeff dudes a Bella's Bartok bro and a couple close friends.

Sun Trigger - Another local super group made up of Mark and Patrick from Strobe Horse and Gordon from Heavy Sweater band.

True Believers - A great band. Made up of, you guessed it! Many members of other super bands and/or projects!

Samuel Jackson - A band made up of Guitarist/Lunatic Songwriter - Garrett Jackson & Fiddle/Piano virtuoso -Sam Barnes. Super! Get it?

Veil - An epic sounding instrumental group from Southern NH, and they're super!

She's The Boss - A wonderful Dance party normally DJ'd by the super-duo of Amanda Freeman and Dani O'Brien. Tonight Amanda will release the sounds for your dance needs by herself...and she's super. (You knew that was coming)

8:30pm /// 21+ /// $5.oo

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