Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tonight: Lecherous Gaze // Problem With Dragons // Guerilla Toss // Sex Scene


Every now and then in a person's life, a rock show comes along on a night where you (I, We, Them Us...) don't have to work the next day. Sometimes that rock show has four seriously awesome bands on it. For example, tonight these four bands will be kicking your (mine, theirs, our...) ass(es):

Lecherous Gaze (Featuring Graham Clise of WITCH) -

"If you took your record collection and your dad's record collection, combined them, weeded out the shitty ones you and he bought to impress some chick, then played all the sweet ones at the same time on some epic ass stereo, it might sound half as bad ass and balls deep as the Lecherous Gaze." -Albert Einstein.

Problem With Dragons -

"Problem With Dragons play heavy, fuzzed-out, unself-conscious music, a meaty stew of metal, punk and stoner rock with a dash of sludge." -Matthew Dube

Guerilla Toss -

"YOU'RE NOT MY REAL DAD" -Guerilla Toss

Sex Scene -


9pm // $5.oo // 21+

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