Friday, July 13, 2012

Tonight: The Bynars / Pale Cowboy / The Prodigal Kings / Seth Newton / The Shape


Well folks, some nights of music are easy to explain. Some nights of music are very uncomplicated, such as tonight. It's really simple, each band rocks amazingly hard. Each band is very talented. Each band writes great songs. We would suggest hanging around for all of them because there isn't a dull moment coming your way! Cheers!

The Bynars - From Boston, Electronic/Pop/Rock/Indie, awesome (

Pale Cowboy - Rock -n- Roll, vintage style (

Seth Newton - Powerfully-voiced rock music, played to perfection - (

The Prodigal Kings - Rock and roll with a ton of swagger, and balls - (

The Shape - Sultry, cool, ROCK - (

Notice a theme? Yep. Rock and Roll music!

21+ show // $5.00 // 9:00pm

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