Friday, May 4, 2012

Tonight: Dr. Sketchys // Electric Avenue


Hello Ladies and gentlemen. For your entertainment this evening, beginning at 7pm, we have Dr. Sketchys. Kindly educate your self below.

"Dr. Sketchy's Northampton is happy to announce our newest show- our very own tribute to that one other Doctor who's always floating around time and space! We managed to track him down and convince him to take a break from fighting Daleks, Cybermen, and Davros-knows-what-else, to pose for your drawing pleasure, and this is something you won't want to miss!

Not only are you going to be lovingly subjected to our fabulously geeky cabaret figure drawing, complete with prizes from our amazing sponsors if you choose to enter our contests, you'll get to drink, watch a bit of burlesque, and have a damn good time.
What could be better!?
You're going to see some thematic burlesque by the brilliant Blitzen Von Schtupp and the ravishing Ruby Solitaire!! And when you're done, why not stick around to dance to some of the best 80s songs at one of the best dance nights in town- Electric Avenue!

Doors open at 7, models take the stage at 7:30! $7 cover for the models and the production! 21+ but you can always come back in a TARDIS later if you're not old enough now! ALLONS-Y!"

Just in case you think you're off the proverbial partying-hook after Dr. Sketchys, the 80's dance party of Electric Avenue swings on in to rock you. Oh shit. Please see below:

Every first Friday of the month, Purity Supreme throws down the finest in 80's jams all night!
All vinyl all the time!
With VHS projections from the vaults of the Media Mansion all night long....neon dreams and dancefloor maniacs........
21+ $1 cover
(Directly following Dr. Sketchy's!)


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