Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tonight: Fennario! (Grateful Dead dammit!!)


Yeah!! The music of the Grateful Dead will grace the club tonight! Below, please find the players:

Dan Sullivan - Rhythm guitar, vocals
Mike Young - Lead guitar, vocals
Dan Crea - Bass
Toby White - Drums
Caroline Killoh - Keyboards, Vocals

Fennario is a Massachusetts based Grateful Dead tribute band that recreates the music, sounds and jams of the Grateful Dead through their live music. They have meticulously researched and duplicated both the music as well as the custom equipment that gave the Dead their individual sound and dynamics. They have also captured the essence, in art and science, of the Dead’s improvisational jam style that keeps the fans coming back show after show. Fennario is made up of 6 seasoned veterans of the local and national Grateful Dead music scene that will make you shake yer bones!

21+ // 9pm // $8

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