Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tonight: Swillmerchants // Yucky Octopus // Hot Black // Crescent Hill //The Highway


Okay folks. Tonight we have quite a fucking rock show going on here at the club. We have Swillmerchants --performing music from their forthcoming new release, and rocking the stage in the thrashing manner they have come to be known for. We have Yucky Octopus, also playing new music and destroying the stage with their blend of sassy-math rock. We have Hot Black!, who shall pummel you into blissful musical oblivion, punk/hardcore style. We have Crescent Hill who will take you on a punk-infused/experimental music trip. And, we have The Highway (friends from Brooklyn) starting the whole scene off with their tight-as-nails masterfully written Indie rock! Fuck. We all shall have worthy hangovers and awesome, albeit foggy, memories by tomorrow morning/afternoon. cheers!


Yucky Octopus:

Hot Black!:

Crescent Hill:

The Highway:


21+ // $5 bux // 8pm

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