Monday, February 13, 2012

What to do tonight? Potluck time!!

And you thought, "hmmmmm...what should I do on this lovely Monday night in February??"

Come to the club because, Potluck returns!! Tonight!!

Cook something! Come enjoy tasty food!

This week. Electronic open mic followed by a valentines day inspired improv game of spin the bottle. That's right. Spin the bottle, with your talented friends, and perfect strangers from our music community.(Open invite to any musician or storyteller.)...we'll spin the bottle and it will rest -eventually- it will determine musical "teams". It will determine other will keep you on the edge of your seat, and on your toes....and:

Again, Potluck dinner. For you.

Beer, wine and spirits will be at your fingertips.

Make some talented new friends.

Bring choice cuts of vinyl that could/can and might inspire/warm and excite all in attendance.

We want YOU.

It's pretty open actually...designed by you/us/them/those...

Do this Northampton (and beyond).

See ya tonight!

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