Monday, February 20, 2012

Tonight: Potluck (Open Mic/Good Food/Good Times)

Hi everyone.

Potluck. You know? It's people hanging out, collaborating, sharing music, sharing food,'s an intimate atmosphere. You may hear (or play) any combination of music you like. We have it built around a "food" theme --because food is good! And music is good! And hanging out with friends is good!! Potluck, is good....come join in.

This weeks edition will gather local filmmakers and local musicians to live score short pieces of film. Witness the improv unfold right before your eyes!!

Its a potluck dinner, its a potluck performance.
Come have fun with us...relax with a drink, dine on freshly prepared food and either perform music or enjoy the collaborations that occur!

Here's some easy instructions:
Food--Bring a dish. Or don't bring a dish. Either way, please eat.
Music--Bring an instrument. Or don't bring an instrument. Either way, please enjoy the music.
Film--Bring a selection of film (7 - 12 mins). Or don't.
YOU--Do bring yourself, your friends. And have a blast.

21+ Free People start hanging out around 9:00pm


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