Thursday, February 9, 2012

The action continues.... tonight!!


Join us for a night of boisterous merriment and great bands! Tonight!! In between bands sets we will set loose fire breathing elephants to roam the bar and release a swarm of angry circus hornets into the audience! Fun! But seriously, this will be a fun night of music ,with an eclectic bill. Please come!

Bunwinkies - Beautifully crafted psychedelic-folk (i think that term gets thrown around alot, but fits here.) They even have a review on a blog called - ) Anyway, if you're into music on the quieter more intimate side, and haven't seen this wonderful band play, you've been missing out.

Melissa St. Pierre - Solo prepared piano treated with live processed electronics. Polyrhythmic gamelan vibes meets Terry Riley. Completely entrancing.

Lord Jeff - The world's greatest band to ever have existed returns to the Elevens for a night of funky punk inspired jerry-noodling. Slightly tweaked lineup also :) Can't miss this act! Sean Goggins flowing lox and throaty vox are transfixing.

Chicopee Family Moose Project - Eric Gaffney and Co. throw at you a mix of great covers and originals. These guys have been around a while and really know what they're doing. Always an interesting time listening to Eric's insane stage banter. Love these dudes.

Doors at 9:00pm


Ages 21+

Hope to see you!

The Elevens
140 Pleasant St., Northampton, MA 01060
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