Friday, February 28, 2014

Tonight: Kudzu // Hot Dirt // Thumbknuckle

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Hi folks!! Tonight we have a math--reggae--funk--rock extravaganza on stage for you! Yeah...musical enjoyment all night long! Come hang your hat here tonight and do some partying with:

Kudzu - "a revolutionary cultural experiment in the insurgent valley of Western Massachusetts". Also: Reggae!

Hot Dirt - Funk / Math / Rock

Thumbknuckle - Less Holland. More Binks.

21+ / $5.oo / 9pm

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tonight: Nightmare Air // Problem With Dragons // Oxen // Dead Empires

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Let me come right at you here:

The bands tonight will slay you with rock.

Now, you do have to have a pallet for heavy stoner-sludge-epic-prog-doom-massive-rock to get properly slayed(and if you don't have a pallet for that then...."sorry"). But seriously, we do so we're psyched!! Click the links below to hear the bands, (really, do it. Get active, be involved...get off those sidelines of life...oh wait, ...went into a bit of motivational speaking there for a second...ok...back to the music!) --and take our word for this: they will rock you 1000 times harder live! So get here tonight and do it right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NIGHTMARE AIR | "...meticulously layer boy-girl harmonies, psych noise loops, fuzz-ripped bass, and glam soaked walls of guitars..."

DEAD EMPIRES | "...The band likes to combine a wide range of influences to produce a sound that sways from epic, ethereal soundscapes to heavy post-rock riffs, rounded out with good old fashioned sludgy heaviness..."

OXEN | "...Oxen is a heavy transcendent rock band...with a vision to create heavy riffed accessible music..."

PROBLEM WITH DRAGONS | "...The guitars are riffy, fuzzy and played like actual battleaxes with actual blades on them; the vocals are almost Gregorian in their chant-like drones, the bass is sludgy and deliberate..."

21+ // 9pm // $5.oo

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tonight (6:30-9pm): Mass Laughs Comedy Show, Two Year Anniversary!!

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One day, a couple years ago...Zack Livingston approached me with the idea of having a regular comedy show here each month. Two years later, Zack and his fellow comedians have made a ton of people laugh and enjoy themselves here! And we've been thrilled to host them! Hats off to Zack and all the comedians who have accomplished this! Now, tonight is their two year anniversary of Mass Laughs @ The Elevens, and.....We tend to think it will be f*cking hilarious! So come enjoy it!

From Zack:

"Join us on Saturday, February 22nd to watch our latest installment of the Mass Laughs Comedy standup comedy shows. Just so you know, this may be your last chance to see our monthly show for some time, so stop by! This month's bill features some of my favorite comedians in the Northeast, including Simon Thompsn, Ezra Prior, Brian Plumb, Jere Pilapil, Matthew Walley, and your headliner for the evening Daniel Kalwhite. Oh, and don't forget your host Zack Livingston. The show will start at 7:30 PM."

Come on down!

Tonight: Amazing Love (Live Band!) // Home Body

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Wow. Tonight is truly party time folks!! When you put the lavish musical savvy of Amazing Love --Live band version, with the prowess and style of Home Body, YOU WIN BIG! --that is...if you're a person who likes to have a lot of fun. And we think you, we think you should come here and get down tonight!

Amazing Love LIVE BAND is back by popular demand with their second LIVE SHOW! Fully equipped with a new set of covers, as well as the classics! They have new performers and crazy huge energy, can't out last em!

Local giants HOME BODY have joined this magical show! Are your seriously ready for the HUGEST dance night of this year. WOW.

21+ / 9:30pm

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tonight: The Reverie Machine // Huckleberry Binge // Wishbone Zoe

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Woah--ooh--oh---oh---ooooh! We have a sweet show! Tonight! (now, go back and sing that sentence over a couple times. Cool...that's how we feel about the lineup, it makes us sing!) Three super-cool bands doing their things on a sweet Tuesday night, hell yeah! What else do you think you'd be doing that's better than that on a Tuesday night?? Right...nothing! So come here and party with:

Hailing from Portland Maine, the Reverie Machine creates a fusion of near ancient song writing and progressive instrumentation. Led by Meghan Yates's powerful and angelic voice, the songs beg the listener to delve inward and experience the music through their mind, body, and heart.

A whirl of fuzzed-out folk rock and murky pop anthems from Amherst, MA. Songs about villains, heroes, and nobodies in the ferment of The Digital Age. Dancy and dirgy.

Using looped, built-live vocal tracks stacked high like pancakes, 5 or 6 strings, a melodica and an orchestra of junk percussion and broken appliances, WZ delivers a mighty caterwaul of sound for such a quiet voice. For over three years she has traversed New England spinning devilishly dark tales that conjure up images of after-dark carnivals and grinning moon creatures as well as honest distortion-driven rock songs casually throwing concerned glances at the not-so-okay in the world.

21+ / 9pm / $5.oo

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tonight: Home Comfort // P.G. Six // Old Pam

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Each month we get Home Comfort gracing our stage with their awesome music. No really, they shred, come come enjoy yourself....And they bring in other great bands to perform as well. And they're playing tonight! Come party...

Home Comfort - (Matt Valentine, John Moloney, Orion Russell, Adam Langelotti)

P.G. Six -

Old Pam -

21+ / 9pm / $5.oo

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tonight: Tru Entertainment & Promotions Presents: A Faylene Sky // Deception Of A Ghost // It Lies Within // Words Once Lived By // Sakara // Halfhearted Comeback // To Die A Legend

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How bout another dose of ass-kicking music to kick away the winter blues??? OKAY!! Tru Entertainment & Promotions has you covered, TONIGHT!! Come come here tonight for some face-melting, heavy-ass music!!! (SHIT, IT MAY EVEN MELT SOME OF THIS SNOW AWAY!)....see ya!

Deception Of A Ghost


It Lies Within

Words Once Lived By


Halfhearted Comeback

To Die A Legend

$8 IN ADVANCE ($12 @ THE DOOR) // 21+ // 7:30PM