Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tonight: The Reverie Machine // Huckleberry Binge // Wishbone Zoe

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Woah--ooh--oh---oh---ooooh! We have a sweet show! Tonight! (now, go back and sing that sentence over a couple times. Cool...that's how we feel about the lineup, it makes us sing!) Three super-cool bands doing their things on a sweet Tuesday night, hell yeah! What else do you think you'd be doing that's better than that on a Tuesday night?? Right...nothing! So come here and party with:

Hailing from Portland Maine, the Reverie Machine creates a fusion of near ancient song writing and progressive instrumentation. Led by Meghan Yates's powerful and angelic voice, the songs beg the listener to delve inward and experience the music through their mind, body, and heart.

A whirl of fuzzed-out folk rock and murky pop anthems from Amherst, MA. Songs about villains, heroes, and nobodies in the ferment of The Digital Age. Dancy and dirgy.

Using looped, built-live vocal tracks stacked high like pancakes, 5 or 6 strings, a melodica and an orchestra of junk percussion and broken appliances, WZ delivers a mighty caterwaul of sound for such a quiet voice. For over three years she has traversed New England spinning devilishly dark tales that conjure up images of after-dark carnivals and grinning moon creatures as well as honest distortion-driven rock songs casually throwing concerned glances at the not-so-okay in the world.

21+ / 9pm / $5.oo

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