Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tonight: The Great Mix-CD Mix Up (Disc 6), Featuring: The Fawns // Beach Honey // Mountain Movers // The True Jacqueline

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Hey folks...we have a very cool show going on tonight. You should be cool and come party with us.

"It's back! For the sixth year in a row it's the Great Mix-CD Mix-Up. It's more than just a concert, it's an adventure. Create and bring your own mix-cd and place it in the Great Mix-CD Mixer at the show. Then later take out a mix CD that someone else made. OR better yet, bring two and take two home. Or three.

You don't have to make a mix to attend. We'd love to have you either way.

This concert features:

The Fawns -

Beach Honey -

The Mountain Movers -

The True Jacqueline -

Man, we hope you can make it. We still listen to a bunch of the mixes we got over thew last few years."

21 // $5.oo // 9pm

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