Friday, January 3, 2014

Tonight: (7-10pm): Dr. Sketchy's

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Hi!! Happy New Year!

Come early tonight and do some creative drawing....and do some creative drinking (well, "normal" drinking is cool too..)...hang out with friends and/or other awesome people! WITH:

"Monthly burlesque life drawing, at the Elevens!

Northampton. A city of rats and finks where the only solace can be found at the bottom of a bottle, or at a cabaret life drawing event. The type of town where Dr. Sketchy's takes all the trappings of a pulp detective novel and turns it into a mix of drinking and drawing. A place where life is cheap, the booze flows freely, the models are amazing to draw, and you can win prizes from our sponsors.

Doors open at 7, and then the burlesque life drawing starts at 7:30! Drawing supplies will be provided, or bring your own!

$7 cover due to health complications from excessive cigarettes, catching bullets, and narrating in a gruff voice all the time.

Featuring Victoria Van Layer of the Beat City Beauties, and the Magic Hat for your drawing pleasure, plus food, drink, and prizes from sponsors like, Oh My!, FOE, Retrogenie, and Off The Map Tattoo!

Dr. Sketchy's is a monthly life drawing event at the Elevens in Northampton, where art, burlesque, and debauchery combine into something truly magical."

Come experience it...

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