Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tonight: Slorg // Hot Dirt // NewSun // Lord Jeff

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aaaaaw shit! Tonight is gunna be cool! We have brand new music from a brand new band called SLORG! We have some free-form / improv music from an new orchestra called NEWSUN! We have the always-awesome band HOT DIRT ripping a set! And, we have the illustrious LORD JEFF in the house with new music --and celebrating their frontman's birthday no less!! ...Come party tonight. You'll be happy you did!

HOT DIRT (9:45) - (Prog/Jazz/Funk cooked to perfection!--they're awesome)

SLORG (10:30) - (Sweet prog/dance/punk instrumental music from the minds of Rob Driscoll, John St.Onge, Bob Hill & Ken Birchall...yep!)

NEWSUN (11:20) - An Orchestra formed by Thom Lopes & Matt Forbes! Members of The Other, The Prodigal Kings, Dandy Zander, Rain/sun, Walking Ghosts, Ipomoea, SEcret Women and the Radiator Collective. (Vision/Creation)

LORD JEFF (12:30) - (psychedelic soul, rock, know it)

21+ / 9pm / $5.oo

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