Friday, September 13, 2013

Tonight: Oliver & Mia's Ultra-Exclusive-Wedding-Afterparty!

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Today, two of the most kind, cool, generous, lovely, considerate, and simply wonderful people are getting married: Mia Cabana & Oliver Snure!! --and we're throwing a sweet afterparty for them, right here! (don't worry, they're completely aware of it...) Unfortunately, we cannot divulge too many details of this party, because it is: "TOP SECRET" (unless you're one of the many who'll be at the wedding/reception...or invited via the private Facebook event....or you can simply read the show listing that corresponds with tonight's event....anyway, it's still "TOP SECRET", ..darnit! )

There'll be amazing music provided by "HB" ...and "GG"...and Mr. "J.W."... (damn, we LOVE this TOP SECRET type stuff!!) ...and there will be droves of wonderful friends and vibes. So, if you can decipher this "code", maybe we'll see you tonight?

21+ / 9pm / $6.oo (cover applies if you're not at the reception and/or on the Facebook invite guest list)

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