Friday, September 6, 2013

Tonight: Dr. Sketchy's (7-10pm)

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It's that time again- specifically, time to get your draw on, as Dr. Sketchy's does a saucy burlesque life drawing tribute to Harry Potter! Put art to all your favorite fanfiction (I guess there are books and movies too?) as our two awesome models grace your stage!

Plus contests, prizes, and more!

One of your two favorite hosts takes the stage, Fifi Fleshette stresses over Potions as the boy who lived!

Ginny Nightshade apparates over from Boston to tap into her inner Weasley and pose for you!

Clyde Dale gives you music and sass as MC!

$7 to cover the price of wands, house elf maintenance, and house point deficit.
Show starts at 7, models take the stage at 7:30.

There will be drawing supplies provided if needed! But also bring your own if you like.

Dr. Sketchy's is a monthly event every first Friday at the Elevens in Northampton, where figure drawing, a bar environment, and burlesque combine to create some sort of drunken belligerent art Frankenstein. Sponsors include, AgreeableAgony, FOE, Oh My! Sensuality Shop, Retrogenie, and Babytattoo books. Give us a like at, or check out for more!

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