Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tonight (9:30-Close): "A Benefit For Gabbrielle", Featuring: Bunwinkies // Caustic Rainbow // Crumpled Ten // Old Pam's Radio Jam // Groovy MC

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Hey all. Adam Langelotti of Sore Eros fame, and one of the lovely employees of The Elevens, has curated a benefit show for his niece Gabrielle Morgan, who has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia. We need to get together to help, and Adam has put together a sweet show for us to enjoy ourselves, and help a VERY worthy cause. Here's a note from Adam:

"My niece, Gabby was diagnosed with Leukemia a few weeks ago. She just celebrated her 8th birthday on the 6th floor of the Boston Children's Hospital where she will be living for 6 months while she receives treatment for AML MO. Please come by, have some drinks, and check out some music by:

Groovy MC
Old Pam's Radio Jam
Caustic Rainbow (aka Eat Cloud)
Crumpled Ten (Members of Sebadoh, Fields of Gaffney, Sore Eros)

There will be raffles!

-Adam Langellotti"

21+ / 9:30pm

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