Friday, August 16, 2013

Tonight (6:30-9:00): Zack Livingston Presents: Mass laughs, The Comedy Show!

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aaaaand! It's Third-Friday once again! Aaaaand that means it's time to get here around 6:30, get a comfy seat, order a freshly-made delicious meal (if you are so inclined), and then LAUGH YOUR *SS OFF with Zack Livingston Presents, Mass Laughs, The Comedy Show!! And without further ado, tonight's comedians:

Andrea Henry (Smith College Alum)

Ethan Ullman (from WCDB 90.9)

Jason Smith (featured for Doug Stanhope)

Jaye McBride (from Comedy Werks in Albany)

Andy Cherub Linton

and special guest host Aaron LaRoche (recently broke his ass... literally).

Doors open @ 6:45 / Showtime @ 7:30 / 21+

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