Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tonight: Grammerhorn Wren // Bark Juice // The Lost Riots // Pig Roast

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"It's a Saturday night, the summer is reaching its later days, and you've grown tired of house parties and the failed hook-up attempts, half drunken conversations that go nowhere, and hearing about others' trips to Europe that you'll never take. What the f*ck are you going to do?


You're gonna come down to The Elevens (tonight) where you can hang and drink with friends, except this time you won't have to forge weak drunktalk." (And you get to enjoy these awesome bands!!!)

GRAMMERHORN WREN- Pioneer Valley spazzes and space cadets worship 90s rock

THE LOST RIOTS- New Haven dirtyboys induce headbanging and OY! shouting

PIG ROAST- A Parta Rican, a Frenchman, and a New Yorker met at Hampshire College and decided to write the soundtrack to the nightmare of your dreams.

BARK JUICE- Northampton boys go chasin' waterfalls

21+ / 9pm / 5 bux

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