Friday, June 14, 2013

Tonight: Citystate // Silencing Eunice // Adam Buynicki // Amazing Love

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Tonight, it's simple. Great rock bands, Citystate & Silencing Eunice are coming in to party and shred the stage. Then Adam Buynicki (lead singer of the band BBSD) will lay out some of his own awesome music for you. You realize that the music will be rock-tight, fun, well-played and explosive at times....and you're thinking "Awesome! Sounds great...sign me up!". Then you find out that Amazing Love, the dance party, is taking to stage at Midnight. ...You think to yourself, "shit. Am I ready for this much fun?? ....Can I withstand this entertainment fury that is in my near future?? there such a thing as TOO much fun??..."

You'll just have to test yourself tonight. come party with us to find out...

Citystate - Rock -

Silencing Eunice - Rock -

Adam Buynicki - Rock -

Amazing Love - Roll - Dance m*ther f*ckers!!!

21+ // 9pm // $5.oo

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