Friday, May 3, 2013

Tonight (7-10): Dr. Sketchy's

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Tonight...."is a very special day- the anniversary of the invention of the Beach Party! Beat the upcoming heat as the Beat City Beauties come up from Hartford and grace our stage with their wonderful figure modelling talents!

Featuring a total of three (!) models to draw, a burlesque show, plenty of food and drinks courtesy of the Elevens, and prizes to win from, FOE, Oh My! Sensuality Shop, RetroGenie, and Babytattoo Books!

Doors at 7, models take the stage at 7:30
$7 to get in- most drawing classes cost more and frown on you drinking (don't ask how we know)

Modelling by Hysteria Sidesaddle, Buns Anderson, and Victoria Van layer!

Additional burlesque performance JUST FOR YOU by Buns Anderson!

Beach tunes and MCing provided by your humble host, Clyde Dale!

Stage design and additional MCing provided by your other, humbler hostess, Mistress Fleshette!

Stick around after the show as local favorites Dan and George bump it forward a couple decades to the 80's and make you dance!"

Dr. Sketchy's was founded in New York City by Molly Crabapple, who decided to mash burlesque, figure drawing, drinking, and debauchery into a gigantic fun monstrosity! It's since spread to many different cities. More information available at!

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