Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tonight: Amazing Love // B.B.S.D // The Frank Duo

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Yo Yo Yo! Tonight, another night of hard and fast partying! ..the Amazing Love DJ's Josef Lincoln & Blyth B will be rocking your soul tonight with their smooth-yet-sharp dance party, you know how this goes: you feel party....and you end up happy as shit. Before this dance party occurs, you get rocked by B.B.S.D --"If BBSD were a haircut then they would be the mullet of their generation. Mixing styles of pop-rock, with a slightly heavier more progressive sound, they are business in the front and full-blown-party in the back."....B.B.S.D is joined by "The Frank Duo" --a dude and a lady, singing awesome songs for you!

Quick recap: The Frank Duo --> B.B.S.D --> Amazing Love --> Ultra-FUN --> You with an exhilarated feeling of "wow.....I just got rocked in so many good ways." .....TONIGHT!!!


Amazing Love -

The Frank Duo - (Come here...enjoy only get to hear them live!)

$5.00 (up to 11pm), $1.00 before 11pm / 21+ / 9pm

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