Friday, April 12, 2013

Tonight (7-9:30): Tundra Toddler Presents: Combat Shock: an audio / visual event.

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A few words about Tundra Toddler. Tundra Toddler is Adam Kozak. Adam is awesome. Tundra Toddler is awesome. Seriously folks, you know it, I know it and....tonight we get to hear his new album Combat Shock. He's a fantastic composer / writer / musician / producer, and you really should be here:

"Come celebrate the release of the new TUNDRA TODDLER album, Combat Shock, with this multi-media art installation! Here's what you'll see, hear, find, smell, et al...

-the entire new album, Combat Shock, played loudly, in a cozy environment

-visuals inspired by the album from local artists Chris Millette, Morgan Pratte, Pamela Fontes-May, Adria Sutter, Alisa Kowal, Christopher Marchachos, Chris Blair, Kyle Gintzler, Mike Barrett, Patrick Clifford, and Will Brideau

-a free digital copy of the album for all attendees (donations graciously accepted, of course)

-boatloads of complimentary snacks

Come bear witness to the fruits of my 6 months of being a complete shut-in! It's free and I guarantee that my liver will be entirely pickled by the end of the night. Those two things are not related."

21+ / 7:00

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