Friday, January 11, 2013

Tonight: Tory Hanna (CD Release) // Bright Lines // Billy Keane


Hey folks, great show tonight. We're psyched that Tory Hanna chose to release his new CD, "Pondside", with us here tonight! And as a result, we've spent countless hours, unimaginable levels of brainpower, and the iron-will of a lion to create: "Pondwater", the drink. For Tory. Cheers! And enjoy!

From Tory Hanna:

"Western MA! The NYC Release party is going down December 20th, but you didn't think we wouldn't bring another party your way right!? 'Pondside' is all about w. MA and thus I worked really really hard to get a great venue that could allow for all my friend in MA (Boston, Pittsfield, Shelburnites, and beyond) to be able to meet up, socialize, and get hip to some insane Western MA vibes! 'Pondside' will be arriving on January 11th at the Elevens! How easy is that!? The 11th @ Elevens! So pumped to release the 'Pondside' CD, something that was literally grown out of and conceptualized from the soil, rain, and sun of W. MA, in our favorite party town Northampton!

Check out the incredible video promotion created by the multi-talented, and handsome, Tim Bradley!! (and share share!!)

(p.s. he'll be there!)

In true Pondsider fashion we'll have a number of other W. MA featured artists including Brightlines (how I even was able to talk to their agent I'll never know...those guys are blowing up) along side the incredible musical talent of the great Billy Keane featuring the lovely Waterfall Perry at his side! What more is there to say, this evening is going to be incredible! You can pick up 'Pondside' for the first time, which in hard copy form includes a very special and secret track! We'll be playing the entire Pondside album, along with a whole slew of other heart-pumping and booty thumping music! My band is really incredible, they're gonna blow your mind!

Bring one bring all, the night will be incredibly memorable!

One Love, Tory"

Tory Hanna

Bright Lines

Billy Keane Music

21+ // FREE // 8:30pm

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