Friday, January 25, 2013

Tonight: Kurt Vile // Beneficial Nematode // Sore Eros // Local Gyro

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Tonight. Well, it's gonna be AWESOME! The show is sold out so we hope you're one with a ticket or two....we'll see ya tonight! With:

Philly's Constant Hitmaker will be playing a very special show at the Elevens! "Once compared to Leonard Cohen, Tom Petty, Psychic TV, and Animal Collective in the same review (for 2009's Childish Prodigy), Kurt can bring to mind anything from Suicide to Leo Kottke to My Bloody Valentine, Bob Seger, Nick Drake, and Eastern ragas. Still, he pieces together these disparate elements so seamlessly and unpretentiously that such reference points are rendered pointless by the singularity of his sound. Kurt Vile might belong to a long lineage of classic American songwriters, but he's the only one who's alive and in his prime today." This may be one of your only chances to get to see Kurt play in such a intimate setting.

Imagine the films apocalypse now or rainbow bridge manifesting themselves at the Elevens as the instrumental power trio of J Mascis (dinosaur jr.), Pete Nolan (magick markers), and Justin Pizzoferatto (Sonelab)- a very rare performance.

Northampton's psych-pop/folk dudes who's gear is always breaking, will also be joining the bill. Members of Sore Eros and Kurt go way back as friends and music collaborators. They did a short tour last spring with KV and Supreme Dicks.

'Beautifully damaged psych-pop...fragile and slightly disorienting' – Gorilla Vs. Bear

Local gyro is a pretty cool band, they bring the lysergic dance-heat with members of the original "lord jeff", "sore eros" and "sunburned" / "chelsea light moving". Heavy grass and gas vibes. Denim. ...ART courtesy of Greta Svalberg.

This is sure to be a show that will be remembered for a long time....oh yeah and, Kurt Vile/Sore Eros exclusive 9" split will be available --only at this show. See ya!

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