Friday, January 4, 2013

Tonight: Dr. Sketchy's // Electric Avenue


Tonight. A very fun night. A night that will see you at your creative best, perhaps. A night that will see you in your sloppiest-party-frenzy-of-dancing-bliss, on!!

Dr. Sketchy's Survives The Apocalypse!
You guys! Say what you will about that apocalypse, it was the sorriest excuse for an end of the world breakdown of society we've ever seen. At Dr. Sketchy's, we've decided since we're so disappointed, we're gonna make our own apocalypse! And it'll be better, with beautiful models to draw, and great drinks, and contests, and everything!

Models take the stage at 7:30, but be sure to get there early at 7 for the best seats, and enjoy the post-apocalyptic vibe we give off as you reintroduce cabaret figure drawing back to society!

One lucky winner gets to push the button to end the world for real, but only after Dan and George get everybody dancing to the 80's in Electric Avenue!

And what a lead-in that was! The ELECTRIC AVENUE dance party is immediately following the Dr. Sketchy's experience. It's an awesome dance party, really awesome. It's $1.00 to get in. 21+ ...Starts around 10....see ya!!

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