Monday, January 28, 2013

Some more images from the other night.

Hi folks. More photos from Friday night, courtesy of Gary Lasker.

Kurt Vile @ The Elevens, 01/25/13
 photo kvonstage_zpsd938d278.jpg

J Mascis & Kurt Vile onstage. @ The Elevens, 01/25/13
 photo jmasciskurtvile_zps6f06d011.jpg

Robert Robinson & Matt Jugenheimer of Sore Eros. @ The Elevens, 01/25/13
 photo robertmattonstage_zpsc175d8f7.jpg

Beneficial Nematode (J Mascis, Justin Pizzoferrato & Peter Nolan). 01/25/13
 photo beneficialnonstage_zpsf0ef1ec4.jpg

J Mascis & Peter Nolan. @ The Elevens, 01/25/13
 photo jmascispeternolan_zps5a4d3a6d.jpg

We all had a great night on Friday, and while there's many more to come, this one was quite magical.....if you have pictures and/or videos you'd like to share, please send them to Cheers.

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